Retainers are not braces so they do not move teeth. Instead when any type of orthodontic treatment has been completed and the aligner/brace has been removed, if things were to be left as they are then the teeth would begin to move back to their original position.

This is called relapse and is a common problem in all orthodontic treatment.

This problem is prevented by the use of retainers. There are two types of retainers and at Moonlight Braces we always provide both types and these are included in the treatment cost as we feel that they are and should be part of the treatment.

The first type is a Fixed Retainer, and goes on the inside surfaces of the front teeth. It is a thin metal wire and retains the front teeth in position. As the name suggests this is fixed.

retainers treatment-1
retainers treatment-2

The second type is a Removable Retainer, and is much like a clear aligner and it goes over all of the teeth. This is usually only required to be worn at night for the first 6 months to retain the back teeth. After this it can also be used as a back-up if the Fixed Retainer was ever to come off and the patient can't come to the surgery immediately, then this can be inserted to prevent any relapse.

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