How Six Month Smiles has changed my dentistry

I was asked to do an article on how I got involved with Six Month Smiles and how it has changed the way I work. In here I talk about the different types of cases that I am able to now treat and the advantages and disadvantages, along with all the controversy surrounding Short Term Ortho.

Dr Jas Gill

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Clearly a winner from Slough Braces Centre

Do your teeth give you something to smile about or do you hate seeing yourself in photographs and feel self-conscious when you smile? We know how our much our appearance matters, especially when we’re going for an important job interview or a longed for social occasion. If this is how you feel, have you ever considered how modern cosmetic dentistry might help you to achieve the great looking teeth that you deserve?

clear-braces-in-SloughTeeth that are crooked and misaligned are often cause of feelings of lack of confidence. One way to resolve this problem is by having treatment with clear braces. Slough Braces Centre is here to help you achieve a winning smile in a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Investing in you

Investing in a brighter, straighter smile brings numerous benefits including feeling more confident and positive about your appearance as well as improved perceptions from others – remember, first impressions really count. Traditional braces are effective but they take up to two years to straighten your teeth, may cause discomfort and definitely are not the ideal look for adults, especially in the professional working environment.

Modern procedures are faster and simpler, using an innovative alternative – clear braces. Slough Braces Centre offer this safe and affordable treatment and you will be able to achieve straighter teeth in just six months. Other benefits of this type of brace are that they are comfortable and very discreet; only you will know you’re wearing them so they do not affect your lifestyle.

Your secret to a beautiful smile

The braces are only used on the front four teeth and are virtually invisible, all you will notice is that you want to smile more often. Don’t put off the chance to enjoy a better smile any longer. Come and have a talk to our friendly professional team at the Braces Centre Slough. Clear braces can invisibly realign your teeth, giving you the winning smile that you deserve. Book a free initial consultation and in depth evaluation with Dr Jaswinder Gill (Six Month Smiles Clinical Instructor). This includes a written personalised treatment and payment plan with your personal treatment objectives, details of your treatment plan, clinical photographs and full analysis of gum condition, bite alignment and jaw joint examination.

Braces for adults

For many years, braces have been used to treat misaligned and crooked teeth in children and teenagers. Now, clear braces are making it a possibility for adults to receive the same benefits. Clear braces are increasing in popularity, due to their effectiveness and the fact that people undergoing treatment can achieve beautiful straight teeth with minimal life disruption.

clear-braces-in-sloughClear braces in Slough

Slough Braces Centre can provide people wanting straighter teeth with a clear brace treatment called Six Month Smiles. Six Month Smiles is a discreet, comfortable and effective procedure, with average treatment time lasting just six months! The clear braces are an excellent option for adults who want to correct their misaligned or crooked teeth, but don’t want the look of traditional metal braces. The teeth that undergo treatment are those that are visible when you smile, ensuring that treatment time is cut from two to three years, to just four to nine months with Six Month Smiles clear braces. Slough Braces Centre uses brackets and wires that are almost invisible, meaning that it’s unlikely that even friends and family will notice that you’re wearing them.

Why adults should consider Six Month Smiles

Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps a wedding or holiday and you want to look your best? The discretion of Six Month Smiles allows people to go about their everyday life knowing that their braces are working on their teeth the whole time and ensuring that once the big day is here, they will have a straighter teeth and a beautiful smile. Six Month Smiles is also an ideal procedure for those wanting to maintain a professional image whilst undergoing treatment.

Celebrities have done a lot for the endorsement of clear braces in recent times; Faith Hill, Khloe Kardashian and Tom Cruise are just a few famous faces that have been spotted wearing clear braces. The popularity of braces with these celebs has spurred an increase in demand for clear braces in Slough Braces Centre.

For your opportunity to obtain super straight teeth, don’t hesitate to contact the dental clinic for Six Month Smiles clear braces in Slough. 0% finance options are available to customers.

The future is clear

What comes to mind when you think about conventional teeth straightening methods? To most people, when you mention the word ‘braces’, think of it being something for children, something that is a very prominent and visible feature within the mouth. Perhaps the traditional ‘train track’ style image springs to mind. Style, convenience and invisibility are certainly not synonymous with braces.

braces-in-sloughThings have changed

The world of orthodontics has changed considerably in recent years. Though traditional braces are still an excellent means of achieving straighter teeth, particularly in complex cases, there are now many more options that are infinitely suitable for the older, professional adult. For people who would prefer to keep the fact that they are having cosmetic dental treatments private to maintain their personal image.

Introducing the answer

The answer has arrived at our dental practice in Slough:clear braces. This is a pioneering new form of braces, designed for the comfort, convenience and privacy of the individual that chooses to wear them.

In Slough, clear braces are proving to be an exceptionally popular procedure, due to the fact that they really are invisible. They are attached very closely to your teeth, so no shape is visible. They are made of clear material, showing only your natural tooth colour, with no wires, brackets, or colouration.

Clear braces are also very convenient. When you are able to wave good bye to wires and braces you no longer have to suffer gums and cheeks being made sore from rubbing. Also, clear braces are removable, meaning you are able to go about your life in the way that you choose. Though it is recommended that you keep them in for as much time as possible, they are easily removable, allowing you the freedom to eat whatever foods you would like to eat, and maintain excellent standards of oral hygiene by brushing and flossing properly without any barriers. Sometimes when people have fixed braces, the health of their teeth can suffer; simply not a problem with clear braces in Slough.

So why not contact us at our dental practice in Slough? Clear braces could give you the smile you have always dreamed of.

Smile brighter in Slough

Sporting a smile can uplift your mood and that of those on the receiving end of it, which goes a long way to smoothing your social and work interactions. So when you aren’t entirely confident in your smile, it can significantly impact your lifestyle. At Slough Braces Centre we are dedicated to ensuring that gappy or crooked teeth won’t stand in the way of your winning smile. At our practice in Slough, clear braces can straighten your teeth without leaving you feeling self-conscious about wearing braces, as they are rather hard to spot.

clear-braces-in-sloughSix Months Smiles

We use Six Month Smiles technology to gently but effectively straighten your teeth in as little as six months. Employing the latest advances in dental technology Six Month Smiles can straighten your teeth faster than traditional fixed metal braces, while still using low levels of force to ensure your comfort.

Using clear braces also means you won’t be left feeling insecure about undergoing a teeth straightening treatment. Getting on with your professional and personal life in Slough, clear braces will simply blend into the background.

Act now for better dental health

Crowded and crooked teeth are notably harder to clean, making daily dental hygiene a more laborious task. Despite your best efforts, crooked teeth are still more likely to encourage bacteria to build up and cause infection and inflammation. Straighten your teeth with Six Month Smiles to help avoid these pitfalls.

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At your free initial consultation our Six Month Smiles dentist will provide you with a comprehensive examination of your mouth, including any necessary clinical images of your teeth and gums. You will have the chance to discuss exactly what your dental needs and expectations are and raise any concerns you may have. A bespoke treatment plan will be presented to you as well as payment options to help manage the costs. With our experienced and friendly staff your dental health will be well taken care of.

Get in touch with Slough Braces Centre today to find out if Six Month Smiles are the right fit for you. We are ready to walk you down the road to a healthier smile with clear braces in Slough.

Exploring the potential of braces with you

Braces are a great dental tool that have been used for many years within the industry to give people options around the way their teeth look and feel and the functionality of their teeth when it comes to biting.

clear-braces-in-sloughWhilst a popular reason for getting braces is so that the teeth look good, they are also used to correct issues with the bite that can lead to uneven wear on the teeth or even strain on the muscles of the jaw which can, in turn, lead to pain in the neck and shoulders as well. Gaps are also a common problem that can be fixed with braces. So, even before the latest developments, braces were already a great asset to people’s dental health.

Now, however, the focus of development in braces has shifted to include the way that they look while the patient is wearing them as well as the effectiveness of the method. And this is why we now have the option to offer you clear braces in Slough at our clinic.

We give patients the opportunity to have Six Month Smiles which are our option for clear braces. In Slough Braces Centre, we take an impression of your teeth, which is then sent to a Six Month Smiles centre so they can make special trays containing the brackets you need in the right position to get the result you want. These are returned to us and we book you an appointment to come in and get them fitted. The fitting involves your dentist applying adhesive to the brackets in the trays and then slotting them onto your teeth. They will then fit wires and a few other items to complete your work.

Why choose clear braces in Slough?

We offer a great service to ensure that you have the experience you want while your teeth are being straightened. One of the reasons why we offer the Six Month Smiles method is that we understand patient concerns around looking great as well as being functional. We know that addressing both of these concerns at once means a happier patient all round and one that will come back to us again and again.

Braces in Slough that will have you smiling brighter than before

Braces technology has advanced since the advent of metal braces. At Slough Braces Centre, we use the technology provided by Six Month Smiles to give you braces that blend into the background of your teeth. Modern cosmetic braces in Slough mean you don’t have to hide your smile due to crooked teeth anymore. What’s more you needn’t endure the lengthy treatments that traditional braces are known for. Take advantage of today’s dental technology and smile brighter.

braes-in-sloughSix Month Smiles explained

Tapping into the advances made in dental materials, Six Month Smiles uses tooth-coloured wires and brackets to provide you with braces that are far less conspicuous than traditional metal braces. Six Month Smiles focuses on straightening the front teeth and can bring you results – as the name suggests – in as little as six months. Shorter treatments can also translate to lower costs.

Applying less force than traditional braces, the discomfort is also reduced while still proving effective in straightening your teeth. So if you’ve got crooked or spaced out teeth, braces in Slough can solve your problem using the latest dental technology provided by Six Month Smiles.

What’s involved in getting braces?

At the Slough Braces Centre we will talk you through the best treatment plan for your situation based on a thorough examination of your teeth and gums, with scans and photos taken as needed. We will present you with all the options and costs so that you can make an informed decision. Understanding that finance can be an issue we also offer a range of financial plans to help spread the cost out.

For braces in Slough, choose the Slough Braces Centre

Take a look at our smile gallery online to see the great results our patients have benefited from after completing their Six Month Smiles journey. We also offer a range of other braces and clear braces to meet your dental needs. So if Six Month Smiles isn’t for you, there are lots of other options available. If you want to find out more, call, email or contact us online and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What can we offer you to straighten your teeth?

What are you looking for in a dental treatment? Everyone is different of course, and may prioritise one factor above another, but at Slough Braces Centre, we talk to our patients regularly and there are some issues that come up again and again.

braces-in-sloughAt our clinic in Slough, braces are something we offer to those who want to restore their smile though realignment. We offer Six Month Smiles to many people after detailed consultation and assessment. Here are some of the factors that come up for people regarding treatment, and how we address them:

How will I look?

We understand that aesthetics are an important factor for many people. And we know that this is not just after treatment is complete but while it is in process as well. One of the advantages of Six Months Smiles as an option for braces in Slough is that it address this concern. The brackets are near invisible against the teeth and even the wires are tooth-coloured to make them more understated.

How long will it take?

Ultimately, the teeth can only be moved so fast, but developments in dental processes mean that, depending on what you want done, you can achieve the result you want faster than you think. Six Month Smiles can give you a new smile in as little as, you guessed it, six months. The total exact time varies from person to person, but this is a good average figure.

As for total time visiting the dentist, you will need to have an impression of your teeth taken and then return for a second visit to our clinic in Slough. Braces are fitted at this appointment. After that, you will need regular, relatively brief visits to ensure that everything is going well.

Will it hurt?

Moving the teeth will create sensations in the mouth for most people. Six Month Smiles is very gentle and so should not be very uncomfortable but, when it is, it will be mild and will pass quickly. Your dentist can give you advice on how to handle this and what is normal. Usually they will recommend over-the-counter painkillers as a temporary measure. If you have any concerns however, you are always welcome to contact us at Slough Braces Centre and we will be happy to help.

Achieving the smile you want

Many people long to be able to beam a mouth full of pearly-white, beautifully-aligned teeth when they smile, but they think that they have missed the boat for braces, age-wise.

straighten-teethHowever, the good news is that you are never too old to take advantage of orthodontic braces in Slough to straighten out your teeth, because teeth are not fixed rigidly into the jaw bone, but have the ability to move around. This means that whether you are 16 or 66, you can take positive steps to straighten out crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth.

Dr Jaswinder Gill is our person at Moonlight Dental Surgery, who focuses on braces in Slough. A family man, he qualified from Kings College Dental School in 1995, and in 2012 became accredited in delivering the Six Month Smiles braces system.

Six Month Smiles clear braces in Slough have been developed for patients over 16 years old, whose teeth are crooked or misaligned, but are not in need of any major corrections to their bite.

Six Month Smiles offers clear braces in Slough, a safe, effective alternative to painful braces systems which can take up to three years to achieve desired results. Six Month Smiles braces in Slough are clear braces that useLucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. These are fixed onto the teeth and blend in so well with natural tooth colour that they are barely visible. This means that patients can carry on with their daily lives without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. The other great benefit of Six Month Smiles is the rapid treatment times, on average between four and six months, rather than the 18 months to three years that traditional metal braces require.

The other great thing about Six Month Smiles braces in Slough is that the gentle forces they need to move teeth result in less pain than traditional braces.

And because Six Months Smiles braces use special patient tray kits, appointments take less time to complete. All these advantages add up to reduced costs compared to other braces systems.

Initial consultations are free, and include clinical photographs, a jaw joint examination and bite analysis, as well as a full gum evaluation, and radiographs as required.

All of these aid Dr Gill to draw up an in-depth bespoke treatment plan based on your desires and objectives, and, if required, including payments options.